António Felino Paiva looked at Monsanto, Beira Baixa; Miguel Sequerra did it in Serra da Arrábida, Setúbal. With the photos sent, were the winners of the competition that Watches & Pens online launched, having as a prize a pair of sunglasses Lanidor or Dielmar for each one. Congratulations!



Anuário Relógios & Canetas celebrates five years online. An anniversary that can give your readers a pair of Dielmar or Lanidor glasses.

To participate, you just have to send photos wherever you are in the city where you live, seen for yourself, to

There is no photo limit and the deadline is until April 30th.

The two winning photos will be chosen by Prooptica and R & C online. The winners will be announced on social networks by 7 May.


Want to qualify for this Maurice Lacroix watch? Nothing easier. First, remove the strap that surrounds the paper edition of the Watches & Pens Yearbook and place it on your wrist, pretending to be using it. Then take a wrist shot, that is, take a picture with the strap on the wrist, highlighting the model’s dial.

Arrived here, send the photo to From then on, he is enrolled in the competition organized by Watches & Pens in partnership with Ourtime, a company that represents Maurice Lacroix watches in Portugal. Now that you are enrolled in the contest, you can send to the same mail, until September 30, 2018, photographs that can interpret values ​​that are part of the DNA of Maurice Lacroix – exclusivity, beauty, dynamics, harmony. You can send as many pictures as you like.

The photograph chosen by a jury composed of representatives of the Yearbook and Ourtime will be announced until October 30 on the Yearbook site and on social networks.

Harmony. Maurice Lacroix manufactures swiss made watches. Its Les Classiques line has a perennial aesthetic, elegant, that can be used in all situations. With easy readability, the clocks give useful indications for everyday life - date, month, second time zone ... But they are also pieces that, on the wrist, say a lot of the style of who uses them. All in harmony pure and simple.

Automatic chronograph with hour, minute and date indication by center pointers, day of week and month by window, second time zone by sub-meter of 24 hours, phases of the Moon. 41 mm steel box. Sapphire glass on the dial. Pond up to 30 meters. Leather bracelet. Two-year warranty, valid worldwide. PVP: € 3290

WINNER OF Cuervo y Sobrinos

The winner of the Cuervo y Sobrinos competition has been elected so the information should be updated on the site. Attached, I send the winning photo and the delivery of the prize. Thank you for reporting when you are online to tell the customer.

The photo is by João Plou de Melo. With it, this reader of the Yearbook Clocks & Pens won the pastime that the oldest publication of its kind in the country organized in partnership with Diarsa, representative of the brand Cuervo y Sobrinos for the Iberian Peninsula.

The challenge was to send photos related to the Latin spirit, so present in the DNA of Cuervo and Sobrinos watches. The photo expresses well these warm and rapturous feelings. That were worth to João Plou de Melo a Crow and Nephews Little Historians Seconds.

Housing: steel, 40 mm, watertight up to 30 meters | Display: Ivory | Movement: Automatic, with date | Rotor: Customized with CyS recording | Glass: Sapphire, anti-reflective, 50’s style | Bracelet: Louisiana Crocodile Skin | Reference: 3195.1C | Price: € 3140


Our reader Ana Passos Ferreira, with the photo below, won the competition that the monthly online edition organized in partnership with LUXO SUBTIL, representative in Portugal of Bohemme Jewels.

Thus, Ana Passos Ferreira won a 925 silver necklace with details of 18k rose gold and 3.55ct topaz. This piece Bohemme from the collection Hidden Atlantida has a retail price of 674 euros.

The pastime consisted of sending photos of the holidays that emphasized a relaxed but glamorous atmosphere – after all, the Bohemian world. The initiative had more than 20 thousand views in social networks and dozens of participations.

Bohemme designs and produces 925 sterling silver jewelry with 18K gold. In 2010, the brand entered the world market and was widely accepted, allowing it to be in more than 25 countries today.

Located in Cordoba, Spain, Bohemme has a group of experienced craftsmen who know how to mix traditional techniques with the latest technology.


CONTEST Espaço Elisabete Hair Design

The photo on the right, by Alexandra Silva, was the winner of the hobby that Watches & Pens online organized as a motto “Mother’s Day is Everyday”, in partnership with Elisabete Hair Design. Thus, Alexandra Silva and her mother will now enjoy a session of choice in that space. #Passtime #ElisabeteHairDesign


The Cuervo y Sobrinos brand has roots in Cuba and the precision and reliability that only Swiss Made watches give.

In a partnership with the Watches & Pens Yearbook, and marking the twenty years of the oldest title of its kind in the national market, Cuervo y Sobrinos offers a Classic Cutting Historian to the Yearbook reader who has the best “Latin Spirit” photography.

To participate in this competition, please fill in your name and address and send to the Watches & Pens Yearbook (Av. Infante Santo, 23 – 12º Esq. – phone 218 027 912) the ribbon surrounding the edition of 2017. Then, it is to be inspired by the “Latin spirit” and to capture situations where it is expressed. Please send the photos (minimum 3 megs) to anuariorelogioscanetas @ by September 30, 2017.

There is no limit, you can send as many photos as you like. Only adults, resident in Portugal, can participate in the hobby. The photograph considered winner, in a decision taken by Cuervo y Sobrinos and the Yearbook, will be announced until October 15, 2017 on the page of the Watches & Pens on Facebook Yearbook and other digital platforms where we are present.

Participe até 30 de setembro de 2017

Housing: steel, 40 mm, watertight up to 30 meters | Display: Ivory | Movement: Automatic, with date | Rotor: Customized with CyS recording | Glass: Sapphire, anti-reflective, 50’s style | Bracelet: Louisiana Crocodile Skin | Reference: 3195.1C | Price: € 3140

Readers of the Yearbook Watches & Pens online João Pedro Cadilhe, João Paulo Craveiro, Manuel Moura and José Correia spent two days of dream in Valée de Joux, the watchmaking heart of Switzerland. More precisely they were in Le Sentier, the locality that for more than 180 years is the base of the Jaeger-LeCoultre, the manufacture of Haute Horlogerie well-known in the region (and a little by all the world admirer of the machines of the time) like La Grand Maison.

The four winners of the competition had the opportunity to visit the workshops of assembly of the gauges, appreciated the absolute concentration of the watchmakers, they admired the expertise in métiers d’art of the specialists of the house in the decoration of watches like the Reverse, they were amazed in the section where thousands of Atmos (the clock that feeds the air to work) are ready to go to the whole world. They also had the unique experience of disassembling and reassembling a caliber, to have the notion of the difficulty of the work of a watchmaker.

Ramon de Melo, with this photograph, was the winner of the competition organized by Watches & Pens Yearbook, in partnership with Importempo Watches, representative in Portugal of the Swiss brand. Thus, he received a Timemaster 150 automatic, worth € 2,940.

WATCH CHRONOSWISS Timemaster automático


Relógio Oxygen

Importempo also decided to distinguish a sequence of sail images, authored by the reader João Gaspar. He received an Oxygen watch, a mark also represented by Importempo.