20 years of activity

Anuário Relógios e Canetas enters the 20th year of existence, as the undisputed leader of specialty titles, both in terms of prestige as selling in banking and validity to the final consumer (both in the version in paper, as in the Digital Version ).

History, Fashion and Lifestyle

Made for watch lovers, jewelery, writing instruments and other luxury items, Anuário is the bridge between the history, lifestyle and fashion, a dialogue which punctuates the taste, exclusivity and luxury.

Support for Entire Sector

In 2016, Anuário Relógios e Canetas continues the policy of supporting the entire sector, reserving space for classifieds and aiming to satisfy the specific needs of outlets of watchmaking and jewelery.

Great Retail Storefront

This space, both in paper edition as the Online monthly issue has the potential to become a great showcase of the flap.

Attractive prices

Trying to ensure maximum attendance and taking into account the global economic situation we have a special price list and we offer our knowhow for the personalization of advertising spaces (text and pictures) to hire.

Advertising table

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