September 2017

Caliber Quartz, Box of White Gold and Onyx, with diamonds and emeralds. Body (114.0×54.4 mm) of Binoculars – White gold, Titanium and Onyx, with diamonds and emeralds.

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July 2017

Box of 43mm, of steel. Automatic caliber. Hours, minutes, and seconds offset. Partially open display, with regulating organ in sight.

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O ECO e o Anuário Relógios & Canetas lançam o Grande Prémio de Relojoaria.

The Grand Prize of Clockwork will distinguish annually the best pieces of watchmaking in different categories released / presented in the period to which each edition corresponds. Anuário Relógios & Canetas and ECO intend, with this joint initiative, to promote the watch industry, its brands and representatives in Portugal, thus recognizing its important contribution to the evolution of the services sector in Portugal.

The Grande Premio de Relojoaria distinguishes models of watches sold in the Portuguese market and launched in the year to which the prize refers. Thus, in its first edition, will be taken into account watches launched in the national market in 2017.

Applications must be sent by September 30 to


WATCH OF THE YEAR – GREAT PRIZE: Distinguishes the best model of mechanical, manual or automatic clocks.
PREMIUM COMPLICATION: Award the best model of mechanical, manual or automatic clocks, with at least three additional indications, in addition to hours, minutes and seconds.
MALE WATCH AWARD: Awarded the best model of mechanical watch, manual or automatic loading.
FEMALE WATCH PREMIUM: It distinguishes the best mechanical watch, manual or automatic, or quartz,
WATCH SPORTS PRIZE: It awards the best model of mechanical, manual or automatic, quartz, or connected clocks.
BEST DESIGN AWARD: Awards the best model of mechanical, manual or automatic, quartz, or connected clocks.
AWARD FOR BEST “QUOTIDIANO” WATCH: For models with a PVP of less than one thousand euros, mechanical, manual or automatic.
PUBLIC PRIZE: Online vote of the Watch and ECO readers based on the short list of models for all categories published publicly on the sites of the Watches & Pens and ECO Yearbook.
SPECIAL JURY PRIZE: This award rewards a personality, institution or initiative that played a key role in promoting high quality watchmaking. It has a career premium dimension (lifetime achievement).

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